Your own path is the right one – not the usual one

Silke von Clarmann grew up in an entrepreneurial household. Through his passion for sailing, v. Clarmann met the famous Chiemsee painter Paul Paulus early on. Thanks to Paulus, she discovered an enthusiasm for painting and unconventional approaches in her own life that she had not been aware of before.

V. Clarmann first studied art history and then combined her knowledge with a degree in business administration. She realized at an early age that it takes more than art history and an understanding of it to successfully implement things in life.

This innovative combination of both courses of study points to a particularly important theme in v. Clarmann’s art, namely the theme of the human being. She works on this theme in a special form of portraiture. This results in large-format, colorful faces that illustrate the importance of tolerance and peace.

In 2018, von Clarmann moved into her larger new studio in order to steer her career in even greater directions from then on.

This was followed by numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain.