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The studio concerts stand for encounters with curious people who are interested in painting and music. Between works of art by Silke von Clarmann, visitors are offered a selected program of music with high standards: partly with studied musicians who are known far beyond the region, but also with highly talented young musicians who are at the beginning of their careers.

It is important to us that we also reach people who would otherwise not go to such events with free admission. In the long term, however, the concept of studio concerts will only work if those who are able to do so reward the musicians with appropriate donations in a passing hat.

We look forward to seeing you there,
Silke and Stephan von Clarmann

Current program

12.07.2024 6th studio concert - Kurt Lehner - KurtsGeschichten
  • Kurt Lehner `KurtsGeschichten`: “Tell me a story”
  • with Stephan von Clarmann: vibraphone
  • Start: 19:00 Admission, 19:30 Concert

Storytelling is probably one of the oldest arts in the world, if not the mother and origin of all the arts themselves. Even in times when hoping and wishing were still completely common means of helping a story to a happy ending, listeners young and old sat together and traveled, gently bedded on the wings of words, into wondrous, strange and yet strangely familiar worlds.

At a “Kurtsgeschichten” storytelling evening, you become part of this centuries-old tradition and continue to write it: stories emerge from lovingly designed storytelling cases before the eyes and ears of the audience, telling of life’s successes, of overcoming challenges, surprising twists and turns, of arriving and the longed-for happiness of love, but also of failure, wandering, making the wrong decisions or the painful burden of life. A narrative journey through space and time: Africa, the Orient but also our Bavarian homeland form the backdrop for magical, timeless stories. Will Hans find his happiness after all, what is the African king’s ring all about, are there extra shadows that don’t belong to anyone and who gets to celebrate a wedding?

Anyone who loves stories will also love this evening and will certainly ask the storyteller: “Tell me (another) story.”


Stephan von Clarmann skillfully rounds off the wandering thoughts between the stories heard and experienced with his vibraphone playing. This evening in the studio will allow us to completely forget everyday life in terms of lyrics, art and music. What could be better?

19.10.2024 7th studio concert - Stephan von Clarmann solo concert
  • Solo: Stephan von Clarmann
  • Stephan von Clarmann: Vibraphone
  • Start: each 18.00 - 19.00 - 20.00

As part of the 19th Mühldorf Music Night, the musical host performs a remarkable solo program.

Program: Impression-Interpretation-Improvisation on ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’ (Pink Floyd)

Stephan von Clarmann: vibraphone, xylosynth, electronics

This 9-part suite is the central part of the million-selling LP ‘Wisch You Were Here’ from 1975. “45 years ago, this was the first LP I was able to afford with my meagre pocket money. I still treasure this record like a real treasure.” “I’ve probably heard it at least 100 times, but now it’s time to finally perform this music on the vibraphone.”

It will be exciting to see how this almost iconic work by the Pink Floyd supergroup can sound in a completely new guise. Anyone who knows the musician v.Clarmann knows that he always looks for and finds new ways with a lot of fun and without blinkers.

Embark on this adventure. It will be a counterpart to the other wonderful concerts of the Mühldorf Music Night that are well worth listening to.

PS: as this concert is part of the Mühldorf Music Night, a contribution towards expenses is required – in contrast to our usual practice.

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29.11.2024 8th studio concert - Trio: Mi.S.S.
  • Trio: Mi.S.S.: “Diversity and joy”
  • Michaela Bauer: Akkordeon - Stephan Glaubitz: Kontrabass - Stephan von Clarmann: Vibraphon
  • Start: 19:00 Admission, 19:30 Concert

Program: ‘Carmina Burana’ by Carl Orff – arranged for vibraphone, double bass and accordion (courtesy of Schott Music, Mainz)

This music speaks for itself. The interpretation of Carl Orff ‘s ‘Carmina Burana’ has already been a hit with audiences in many places. Removed from the usual huge temples of music, Carl Orff can also be performed in other locations with this small orchestra and spread the inherent magic of Orff’s music. Today in our studio.

The arrangement of the orchestral work was accompanied by the publisher Schott Music and the performance was authorized. This concession by Orff’s heirs is very unusual in the case of ‘Carmina Burana’, so we interpret the permission as an accolade for our interpretation. The live experience thrives on exclusivity and gives our concerts a certain elitist touch.

We offer the opportunity to experience Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana’ – one of the most famous choral works far and wide – in a completely different way: without choir and without orchestra.

Are you wondering how the trio, with its unusual line-up, brings the rousing rhythms, the almost archaic harmonies and the characteristic melodic language, which always stands out for its simplicity, to the stage not with 100 musicians as usual, but with just three artists?

But the concept works:

For the listener, the evening is a recognition of beloved melodies and also a constant curious expectation of how the trio will interpret the next personal favorite parts of ‘Carmina Burana’ in our very own mix of classical/jazz/world music.

31.01.2025 9th studio concert - Duo: esel:com
  • Esemble "The Spirit of Django"
  • Reimo Oberth: Sologitarre - Armund Daniel: Violine, Rhythmusgitarre
  • Start: 19:00 Admission, 19:30 Concert

“A triple IA to all.” “Esel:com is the perfect imperfection of the niche …between love song & punk.” “We populate the stage kaleidoscopically as Tschingis & Brainranger. We sing, play and dance for your life with musical self-empowerment. Sometimes powerful, sometimes quiet, sometimes alarmingly on the move! Approachable songs performed in a neighborly manner. Two older gentlemen give their all!

When we first went to see these two older gentlemen at one of their gigs, our idea of what to expect was still very vague. The ‘concert’ was wonderful. The euphoric drive back home brought forth numerous terms for what is actually almost impossible to describe: charming, funny, enchanting, intelligent, supposedly unmusical with anti-texts, musical Dadaism in its most glorious form.

We are delighted to welcome the two donkeys aka Tschingis & Brainranger to our studio for what is sure to be an unforgettable evening.

22.03.2025 ATTENTION SATURDAY 10th studio concert - The Spirit of Django
  • Ensemble: The Spirit of Django
  • Reimo Oberth: Sologit. - Armund Daniel: Violine, Rhythmusgit. - Frank Riepl: Rhythmusgit. - Paul Leutmayr: Kontrabass
  • Beginn: 19:00 Einlass, 19:30 Konzert

The ensemble ‘The Spirit Of Django’ presents the fascinating variety of Jazz Manouche (Gypsy Jazz) on stage. With joy of playing, passion, authentic sound, virtuoso solos and a personal touch, the musicians take their audience on a varied musical journey that is characterized by the swing and jazz sounds of the 1930s and 1940s and at the same time combines modern influences. From rousing swing to bossa nova, valse musette and sensitive ballads – the repertoire includes not only the well-known classics of the legendary jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, but also many other representatives of this genre as well as original compositions and arrangements of popular music.

One thing is certain: with these excellent musicians, the spark is quickly transmitted to the audience. Feet will bounce to the beat, bodies will sway to the rhythm and faces will smile. It is always wonderful to experience how the acoustic sound impressions from the last century are brought into real time and still have the same exhilarating effect as 80 years ago. This is due to the beautiful melodies and the masterful interpretation by real experts on their instruments.

Treat yourself to a successful concert evening in our studio, you should not miss this evening.

18.07.2025 11th studio concert - Dominik Schauer solo concert
  • Solo: Dominik Schauer
  • Dominik Schauer: Solo guitars
  • Start: 19:00 Admission, 19:30 Concert

Today, ragtime is the focus of the evening. Ragtime is considered the true classical music of America. Their heyday was 120 years ago. This very American music influenced musical genres such as folk, blues, country and jazz.

In this country, we are familiar with ragtime as piano pieces, so this evening with Dominik Schauer on his acoustic guitars will offer completely new impressions.

Born in Laufen an der Salzach, Dominik Schauer, who was born in Munich by choice, studied at the Munich Academy of Music from 2001 to 2005. Since then, he has devoted himself entirely to his ragtime guitar technique, which is rarely – if ever – heard in this country. In contrast to the more common fingerstyle guitar, this involves the skillful intertwining of grooving chord sequences with syncopated melodies. Dominik Schauer is a master of this trick. His nonchalant works are entertaining, vivid, individual and captivating. The finest guitar entertainment from the never-ending golden age of guitar music.

If we are lucky, Dominik Schauer will also sing some of the songs. He also does this frequently as choirmaster of the ‘Bud Spencer Heart Choir’ in Munich. Unfortunately, we don’t have room for its 80 singing members in the studio, so he comes to us as a solo artist. You don’t need more for a great concert evening when the artist’s name is Dominik Schauer.

Past concerts

22.03.2024 5th studio concert - Maria Dorner-Hofmann
  • Maria Dorner-Hofmann: countless flutes
  • Start: 19:00 Admission, 19:30 Concert

Almost all of us were given a recorder as a childhood present. But who really stuck with it? Hardly anyone. Maria Dorner-Hofmann is a glorious exception. She will be our solo guest with her countless recorders: “Atmosphere and space play a part – that’s why my solo programs are always adapted to the local conditions.” This will certainly be an unforgettable evening, especially in the setting of the works of art.

Their repertoire ranges from music of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Baroque, Biedermeier, traditional music from all continents to New Music. In addition to recorders of various sizes and designs, Indian flutes and a goat’s horn can also be heard.

She first studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, then changed sides and taught the art of flute playing there for 16 years.

Incidentally, Maria Dorner-Hofmann has also recently started teaching at the vocational school for music in Altötting.

She gives concerts at home and abroad: and today in my studio. Unbelievable!

We are not exaggerating when we announce this concert as a musical highlight.

22.03.2024 4th studio concert - BÖF-Bayrisch Österreichischer Feinklang
  • Duo: BÖF:
  • Markus Renhart: clarinet, vocals
  • Michaela Bauer: Accordion
  • Start: 19:00 Admission, 19:30 Concert

BÖF stands for “… boundlessly different”: music without blinkers. The two masterful musicians manage the constant alternation between classical, pop, jazz, tango and alpine folk music so confidently and charmingly that it is a pure joy.

Markus Renhart: Markus Renhart was born in Zell am See. But it was the city of Mozart, Salzburg, that first shaped him as a future musician. At 16, he studied at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. But the desire to study with a famous Viennese philharmonic orchestra in the cosmopolitan city grows ever stronger. He then completed his studies in Vienna. While still a student, he plays in a new production of Richard Strauss’ “Elektra” at the Vienna State Opera under the direction of Claudio Abbado. Worldwide tours with illustrious names followed.

Michaela Bauer: A fine feeling and the ability to make moods audible characterize her interpretations. She studied with Prof. Ivan Koval at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Weimar. The fact that Michaela Bauer gave lessons in accordion, piano and oboe during her studies in Weimar is a foreshadowing of her future career. This was also characterized by her enthusiasm for the music of Astor Piazolla and the tango, and after her studies led her first to the Emile Montessori School in Munich, then to the renowned district music school in Erding. There she also met the clarinettist Markus Renhart, with whom she founded the “Bayrische Österreichischen Feinklang”, or BÖF for short, in 2015.

There is no better concert recommendation!

26.01.2024 3rd studio concert - De Bavarian Immigrants
  • Trio: De Bavarian Immigrants
  • Stefan Knoll: guitar, vocals, accordion, saxophone
  • Heribert Haider: Vocals, washboard, suitcase
  • Denise Weise: Vocals, violin, trumpet, ...
  • Start: 19:00 Admission, 19:30 Concert

When their debut CD “Heid soidd ma nausgeh” was released by ‘Three Saints Records’, Herbert Pixner’s label, one year after the premiere concert on March 6, 2020, the first lockdown took place the following week. Three years later, the ‘De Bavarian Immigrants’ are still alive as a trio and play with an independent spirit, a deep love of music and no fear of stylistic contact. They sing in powerful 3-part vocals in Bavarian, which makes the cryptic lyrics a mind-opening pleasure.

Press reviews: “What De Bavarian Immigrants delivered was good humor, went straight to the heart and made you want to live”. “Musically, the Bavarian immigrants are top”. “The songs of the Bavarian Immigrants embrace the listener and give them courage”.

01.12.2023 2nd studio concert - Duo: Mühldorfer Schlagsaite
  • Duo: "Mühldorfer Schlagsaite"
  • Sophia Stadler (Harfe) & Stephan von Clarmann (Vibraphon)
  • Start: 19:00 admission, 19:30 concert

Some instruments are known by sight without ever having heard them consciously – such as the harp: a huge instrument with 47 strings, over 6 octaves, a height of up to 1.8 meters and an impressive 40 kg.

Anyone experiencing their sonority for the first time will be intoxicated by the variety of playing possibilities and dynamics. When you experience how the young, highly talented Sophia Stadler from Mühldorf embraces her huge monster and brings her music and her instrument closer to the audience with great musicality and virtuosity, you can easily imagine that Sophia Stadler still has a really interesting career ahead of her.

To round off her solo program, Sophia Stadler will be performing as a duo with Stephan von Clarmann on vibraphone. This combination of instruments is more than rarely heard. You should not miss out on this.

21.10.2023 1st studio concert - Trio: Mi.S.S.
  • Trio: Mi.S.S.: “Diversity and joy”
  • Michaela Bauer: Akkordeon - Stephan Glaubitz: Kontrabass - Stephan von Clarmann: Vibraphon
  • Start: 6 pm - 7 pm - 8 pm each

The Mühldorf Music Night 2023 is the most fitting way for the studio concerts to celebrate their premiere.

The musical host Stephan von Clarmann founded this trio with proven experts on their instruments. Michaele Bauer and Stephan Glaubitz are both trained musicians and are known far beyond the borders of our district. The trio Mi.S.S. stands for highly independent music with borrowings from pop, jazz and classical music. The artists interpret familiar and unexpected melodies with a lot of fun and a desire to surprise in a sometimes completely new guise.

The different musical styles are skillfully interwoven. The unusual combination of accordion, vibraphone and double bass is a chamber music treat. And the 3 wonderful musicians stand for diversity and joy.

PS: as this concert is part of the 18th Mühldorf Music Night, a contribution towards expenses of €13.00 is payable.

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